What Kind of Calcium Carbonate Do These Industries Apply-1Posted: 2018-09-07

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    We have known calcium carbonate is the important industrial raw materials, widely applied in the fields of plastic, paper making, rubber, construction, food, medical etc.
    Well, what type of calcium carbonate do different industry need?

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    1.PVC wallpaper: 1250 mesh activated ground calcium carbonate

    2.Silicone adhesive: ultra fine ground calcium carbonate(2800 mesh or so)

    3.Steel-making: coarse stones(5-10mm)

    4.ABS Materials: filling materials(over 600 mesh, 400 mesh can be for low-end materials, it depends upon whether the raw materials are wasted materials.), adding light calcium carbonate, ground calcium carbonate and Nano calcium carbonate is ok.

    5.PP: filling materials

    6.Calendered film: (powder) 2500 mesh ground calcium carbonate or 1250 mesh light calcium carbonate, production lines use 325-800 mesh(particles) or 400-800 mesh filling materials.

    7.PVC Edgings: 1250 mesh ground calcium carbonate

    8. PVC Leather: Ground calcium carbonate

    9. PU Leather: light calcium carbonate

    10. Plastic Bucket: PE filling materials

    Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mills for Calcium Carbonate Powder Making: 

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Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Capacity:0.4-30 T/H
Feeding size:≤20mm
Output Size:150-3000mesh
Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill is the equipment specializing in producing fine and superfine calcium carbonate powder

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