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Can the mill grind calcium carbonate to 800 mesh?

Posted: 2020-07-06

  • Calcium carbonate grinding mill is an important device in industrial powder processing and production, and is also a common equipment for crushing and grinding various high hardness materials. Due to different uses of calcium carbonate after processing, the fineness of grinding needs to be different. So, can the mill grind the calcium carbonate material to a fineness of 800 mesh, what is the relationship between the fineness and the output of the calcium carbonate grinding mill?
    The calcium carbonate powder mill is mainly composed of a host, an analyzer, a cyclone powder collector, a fan, and a dust removal device. When crushing and grinding the material, the material that meets the feed particle size is transferred from the elevator to the storage bin, and then Under the action of electromagnetic vibrating feeder, it is evenly sent into the grinding cavity. At this time, the shovel and the grinding roller run at high speed at the same time, and the material is shoveled between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to form an appropriate layer of material. The grinding roller rotates around the grinding ring and rotates at the same time. Under the action of powerful centrifugal force, the materials can be continuously ground and crushed.
    calcium carbonate powder mill composition

    Then the powder after grinding and crushing enters the analysis machine for screening and classification under the action of the wind force of the fan. The powder that meets the fineness requirements will enter the cyclone powder collector for air powder separation, and then discharged through the discharge end. The unqualified powder is then Due to its own weight is returned to the grinding chamber to continue grinding. It can be said that in this process, the size of the wind and the speed of the analyzer are all important factors that affect the fineness of the powder. Therefore, during the operation of the calcium carbonate grinding mill, it is very important to adjust the air volume and the speed of the analyzer according to the fineness requirements.

    In the grinding process, the output of calcium carbonate grinding mill is inversely proportional to the fineness. That is, under the condition of unchanged production conditions, the higher the fineness requirement, the lower the working efficiency of the equipment, and the lower the output. On the contrary, if the fineness requirement is lower, the higher the efficiency of the entire production line, the higher the output. In view of this situation, when we configure the production line of calcium carbonate grinding mill, we should pay attention to select the appropriate mill model according to the user's requirements on output and fineness.

    In general, the type of calcium carbonate grinding mill is different, and the fineness of the material can be ground differently. For example, a ball mill that does not have strict requirements on the particle size of the feed can crush and grind the material to 180-200 mesh. It is a milling device with large output and low consumables, but with low fineness. The Raymond mill is a new type of grinding device, which can make the fineness of the processed powder between 48-325 mesh, up to 800 mesh, which can meet the user's requirements for multiple fineness of materials. The three-ring medium-speed grinding mill and ultra-fine powder grinding equipment can crush and grind the materials to a higher fineness.
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