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Precipitated calcium carbonate manufacturing process

Posted: 2019-12-09

  • Precipitated calcium carbonate/light calcium carbonate is a kind of calcium carbonate. Precipitated calcium carbonate powders with a fineness of 125 mesh, 200 mesh, 225 mesh, 300 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, and 1250 mesh are obtained through precipitated calcium carbonate processing equipment. Used in papermaking, rubber, plastics, paints, water-based coatings and other industries. With the advancement of domestic precipitated calcium carbonate production equipment and technology, the application field has also continued to expand. The fields are differently involved, and the precipitated calcium carbonate powder has also increased with the fineness, and the price has shown an upward trend. Recently, Guangxi Province has invested 100 billion yuan to promote the development of the calcium carbonate industry in the province, and has further promoted domestic investment in the production of precipitated calcium carbonate powder.
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    Precipitated calcium carbonate production process: first burn the limestone and other raw material sections to generate lime (the main component is calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide, then add water to digest the lime to produce lime milk (main component is calcium hydroxide), and then pass the carbon dioxide carbonized lime milk Calcium carbonate precipitates are generated and then prepared by dehydration, drying and grinding, or calcium carbonate precipitates are formed by metathesis reaction with sodium carbonate and calcium chloride, and then prepared by dehydration, drying and milling. The grinding process includes coarse crushing of precipitated calcium carbonate. During the grinding stage, the fine stones from the raw material warehouse are placed in a precipitated calcium powder mill for grinding, and the powder is sent to a super-classified machine. Fineness can be adjusted between 200-2000 mesh.

    The manufacturing process of precipitated calcium carbonate can be divided into the following 8 steps:

    1. Limestone calcination: In a lime kiln, limestone and anthracite are added at a ratio of 6: 1, and auxiliary equipment is calcined by related technologies. After the calcination reaction is completed, it is naturally cooled and ash is produced to obtain quick lime (CaO).

    2. Quicklime digestion: Quicklime and water are added to the digester (ashing machine), and the slurry is dissolved in water and stirred, and then the slurry flows into the coarse slurry tank.

    3. Carbonation of quicklime water: The limewater in the rough slurry tank (cement underground tank) passes through a separator (2 times, 3 times is better) and enters the seminal slurry tank, and then uses the raw slurry in the seminal slurry tank. The pump is driven into the carbonization tower (cylindrical carbonization tower) to facilitate the reaction of the CO2 from the lime kiln at a temperature of 40-50 ° C. The refined slurry will become turbid, and it will take about 2-3 hours to react. Then it will become a cooked slurry. Put the cooked pulp into the sink.

    4. Drying: Use a centrifuge spin-drying equipment to dry, and then go to the drying process.

    5. Drying: The dehydrated powder contains 30% moisture, enters the drying furnace, and is dried at a temperature of about 200 °.

    6. Crushing: Screening is performed by using a wind separator or air sieve, and the finished product is obtained after crushing.

    7. Packaging: Pack the finished product into a bag with a packing machine.

    8. Storage: Transfer to the warehouse with a forklift.

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