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Light calcium carbonate production equipment

Posted: 2019-05-15

  • Light calcium carbonate,also known as Precipitated Calcium Carbonate(PCC), is a kind of calcium carbonate. It is obtained by light calcium carbonate processing equipment and has a fineness of 125 mesh, 200 mesh, 225 mesh, 300 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh light calcium carbonate powder.
    Widely used in paper, rubber, plastics, paints, water-based coatings and other industries, with the improvement of domestic light calcium carbonate production equipment technology, the application field is also expanding, high-end cosmetics, putty powder, medicine, daily chemicals, coatings The fields are all differently involved, and the light calcium carbonate powder also has an upward trend as the fineness continues to increase. Recently, Guangxi Province invested 100 billion yuan to promote the development of calcium carbonate industry in the province, and further promote the domestic investment in production of light calcium carbonate powder.

    Light calcium carbonate production process:

    First, the raw material such as limestone is burned to produce lime (the main component is calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide, and then water is digested to form lime milk (the main component is calcium hydroxide), and then carbon dioxide carbonized lime milk is introduced to form calcium carbonate precipitate, and then It is obtained by dehydration, drying and grinding, or by metathesis reaction with sodium carbonate and calcium chloride to form a calcium carbonate precipitate, followed by dehydration, drying and milling. The milling process comprises coarsely breaking the light calcium carbonate. During the grinding stage, the fine stone material from the raw material storage is placed into a light calcium powder mill for grinding, and the ground grinding powder is sent to the super-segmentation machine. Fineness can be adjusted between 200-2000 mesh.
    Light calcium carbonate production equipment

    How to distinguish the quality of limestone?

    The judgment of limestone is mainly based on calcium carbonate content, alumina content, iron oxide content, phosphorus content, sulfur content and the like.
    The quality requirements for limestone vary depending on the application. In general, the requirements of limestone purity in the metallurgical, chemical, and other special industrial sectors are higher than in the construction industry and agriculture.

    Quality requirements for limestone products for building materials industry

    (1) Cement industry: The calcareous raw material used for cement production requires a calcium carbonate content of more than 75% and an alumina content of less than 2.00%. For amorphous limestone, the particle size requirement is 30~80mm.
    (2) Glass industry: Generally, limestone with different CaO content is selected according to different glass quality requirements, but the limestone selected is amorphous and stable.
    With the rise of international crude oil prices, the use of calcium carbonate products as one of the inorganic fillers will become more and more popular in the future. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of light calcium carbonate equipment, has a HGM medium-speed micro powder grinding mill, CLUM ultrafine vertical mill, R-type Raymond mill and other products meet the needs of light calcium carbonate production equipment, we will also adjust the production capacity of different products according to market demand, enhance their competitiveness. You are welcome to consult in detail.
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Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Capacity:0.4-30 T/H
Feeding size:≤20mm
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Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill is the equipment specializing in producing fine and superfine calcium carbonate powder

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