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Reasons for low output of calcium carbonate grinding mill

Posted: 2019-06-12

  • Calcium carbonate grinding mill is a ultrafine grinding equipment that has been welcomed by customers in the market in recent years. The calcium carbonate ultrafine grinding machine has many models, complete functions, large output, and the quality is also advanced material. Developed, but in the actual production process there will always be a small mill production, the cause of this phenomenon is more than one, here to analyze what factors affect the output of calcium carbonate grinding mill.
    calcium carbonate grinding mill
    Calcium carbonate grinding mill is a kind of milling equipment widely used in mines, cement plants and chemical plants. It is one of the important equipment for deep processing of non-metallic minerals. Due to the stable performance, adaptability and high cost performance of the ultra-fine mill equipment, it is normal for the customers to welcome it. The reasons for the low output of the ultra-fine mill are summarized:
    1, no powder or no powder, low yield. The locker is not adjusted well, and the seal is not tight, causing the powder to suck back. The blade is worn out and the material cannot be shoveled.
    2. The current of the ultra-fine vertical mill main unit rises and the fan current decreases. Excessive feed, the air duct is blocked by the powder, the pipeline exhaust is not smooth, the circulating airflow generates heat, the main current increases, the machine temperature rises, and the fan current decreases.
    3. The finished powder is too thick or too fine. The blade of the analyzer is seriously worn, does not have a grading effect, and the fan air volume is not appropriate.
    4. The ultra-fine vertical grinding machine has large noise and large vibration. The feed amount is small. The blade is heavily worn, the material cannot be shoveled, and the anchor bolts are loose. The material has a hard impact, or no material layer; the grinding roller has a serious rounding deformation.
    5. Fan vibration. The powder on the wind blade is unevenly distributed or worn, and the anchor bolts are loose.
    6, the oil viscosity is large and oily, the thread pump oil can not be used to make the upper bearing lack of oil.
    The operation of the calcium carbonate grinding mill also has a great impact on the output of the equipment. If the operation is improper, the equipment will be damaged to some extent, which will affect the production of the equipment, which will affect the output of the equipment, so it is used. The equipment must be operated correctly in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations.
    calcium carbonate grinding plant
    The above mainly introduces some factors that affect the output of Calcium carbonate grinding mill. If you have any problems in production, you can click on the online customer service of our website to ask, we will reply you as soon as possible.
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