The finer the fineness of the grinding, the lower the yield?Posted: 2018-11-11

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        In the milling industry, with the development of science and technology, the requirements for fineness of powders in various industries are getting higher and higher, and the milling equipment for processing various powders plays a huge role in it. Therefore, the selection of the milling machine In order to process the materials that meet the requirements. When it comes to the grinding machine with high processing fineness, it has to be mentioned that the ultrafine grinding machine is more popular in the grinding industry. The new ultra-fine grinding machine combines the advantages of various milling machines, not only milling. High performance, large advantage is high grinding fineness, Shanghai Clirik new ultra-fine grinding machine processing fineness up to 3000 mesh. However, some users should have doubts. The higher the fineness of the ultra-fine mill, the lower the output will be?

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        The answer is definitely no. As a new generation of high-performance mill equipment, the ultra-fine mills will definitely consider whether the fineness and output will conflict when developing. We all know that modern society not only pays attention to production, but also pursues quality. This is especially true in the milling industry, so the new ultra-fine mill is fully capable of proportional production and fineness, but sometimes it depends on the actual situation.

        Take a medium-sized ultra-fine mill, the processing capacity is already strong enough, there are hundreds of materials that can be processed, and even many other types of mills can be spiked, but for different materials and different The fineness, there is still a gap in its output. For example, for materials with higher hardness and materials with lower hardness, the yield will be different under the same fineness. In addition, when the processing fineness is different, the same material has different yields. It can be explained that it is not said that the higher the fineness of the material processed by the ultrafine mill, the lower the yield.

        In the case of ensuring the fineness, there are still many factors affecting the output of the ultra-fine mill, which requires the user to pay attention to the working condition of the ultra-fine mill in the actual operation, and master the correct use method. According to the actual situation, the ultra-fine mill is adjusted to improve its working efficiency.

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