Why Your Micro Powder Mill Overheating And How To Solve It?Posted: 2018-11-16

  • With the development of ultra-fine grinding technology, more and more companies have eliminated the traditional ball mill and started using ultra-fine grinding machines-micro powder mill. With the development of the times, the ball mill is more harmful to the environment during use, and the application of the ultra-fine mill is more and more extensive.
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    HGM Micro Powder Grinding Mill
    Since the powder producers often call to ask questions about the "abnormal heat" of the ultra-fine mill in the near future, we will explain here.
    In fact, the ultra-fine mill "abnormal heat" is for a reason:
    1. The rotor imbalance of the micro powder mill, the bearing is suddenly shocked during the operation of the ultra-fine mill, causing heat;
    2. The lubrication condition of the ultra-fine mill bearing is abnormal, too much or too little will cause heat;
    3. The bearing enters impurities and dust, and the bearing is heated or even worn.
    We can balance the rotor by adjusting the height of the bearing seat; establish a lubrication system to ensure that the lubricant is filled regularly and quantitatively, and the general lubrication accounts for 70%-80% of the bearing space; the ultra-fine grinding machine is cleaned and repaired after use. To prevent all debris and dust from entering, and to do the sealing work of the ultra-fine grinding machine.
    The above is the solution to the heating phenomenon of the ultra-fine mill, hoping to give our customers a helping role in the use of the mill.
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