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    1. Vietnam calcium carbonate ore distribution and reserves

    The original calcium carbonate ore in Vietnam is mainly distributed in two areas. The first is Kwaihe Town, Nghe An Province. The reserves are over 200 million tons. The natural whiteness is from 93-98. The current mining is mostly 93-95, and the 96-98 is relatively safe. Less Pei. The mine is currently owned by the Yi'an Ore Association, Mr. Yan Jianghuai and Mr. Chen Nan; the second is Lu'an County, Anpei Province, with reserves exceeding 1 billion tons, natural whiteness from 95-98, especially 96-98 whiteness than Yi'an The mine is currently owned by Baolai Company.
    At present, there are only 45 mining warrants for the exploitation of calcium carbonate in the whole country of Vietnam, and 28 in Kwaihe Town, Nghe, and 8 of them cannot be mined.

    2. Vietnam calcium carbonate ore price

    Vietnam's calcium carbonate ore is different in natural white, the docking price is different, natural white 93 C ore is 19-20 US dollars / ton; natural white 94-95 B ore is about 24 US dollars / ton; natural white 96-98 A class of ore 28 -30 US dollars / ton.

    3. Vietnam calcium carbonate raw ore exports

    Vietnam's calcium carbonate ore is mainly sold to China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and other countries and regions, including about 600,000-700,000 tons per year in China, mainly in Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian and Shanghai. According to the regulations promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Vietnam in 2015, after 2020, calcium carbonate ore with a whiteness greater than 95 is no longer allowed to be exported.


    Vietnam calcium carbonate mine.jpg

    Vietnam calcium carbonate mine

    Vietnam calcium carbonate mine
    Ore of the yard

    4. Vietnam calcium carbonate processing

    Part of the export of calcium carbonate ore in Nian'an Province, Vietnam, is partially processed into powder. The size of powder manufacturers is generally small. One is preparing to go to Guilin Hongcheng Lijian; Anpei Baolai has invested 300 million, and the investment scale is large. Made of natural Dali rock material, 2 cm thick natural Dali rock material 1000-1300 US dollars per square, because natural whiteness is good, mainly used for mansion and church decoration, the price is very expensive, part of the artificial board, due to the natural whiteness of calcium carbonate ore Well, the plate sand is sold for 600-700 yuan / ton; the third is milling, Vietnam currently has more than 40 well-known manufacturers of calcium carbonate powder, with an annual output of 5 million tons of calcium carbonate powder, 70% of which are exported to Southeast Asia. South Asia and Europe.

    Board cutted by calcium carbonate mine

    Board cutted by calcium carbonate mine

    calcium carbonate powder milled by grinding mill
    Calcium carboante powder milled by grinding mill

    5. Vietnam calcium carbonate opportunity point

    With a land area of ​​nearly 330,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 90 million, Vietnam has the same drinking water as China. It is a bridgehead for Chinese companies to go out. Vietnam is a developing country, equivalent to China 20 years ago. It started reform and opening up in 1986. In 1996, it vigorously promoted national industrialization and modernization. It has maintained a growth rate of more than 7% for many years. With the continuous adjustment of investment policies and continuous improvement of investment environment. It has been called by the World Bank as the most ideal investor in the BRIC countries, and the capital of various countries is competing to enter.
    Vietnam's calcium carbonate mineral resources are abundant, the original ore is naturally white 98, three times higher than China's whiteness, and the ore quality ranks among the top in the world. In addition, some downstream plastics such as China's plastics and other calcium carbonate powder users accompany the US and other home appliance companies to set up factories in Vietnam. Developed into the potential of Asian calcium carbonate powder processing centers.
    Chinese calcium carbonate enterprises should pay attention to the situation of Vietnam's calcium carbonate raw ore entering China, and understand the impact of the development of Vietnam's powder processing on China. For the grinding equipment and testing enterprises, the Vietnamese calcium carbonate market should pay attention to or enter early. It is a good time to expand the market; for investors, importing Vietnam's high white or ordinary calcium carbonate ore into China, or setting up a new powder processing plant in Vietnam is a good investment choice.

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