How to improve the safety of limestone grinding mills?Posted: 2019-01-26

  • The limestone grinding mill production line is mainly composed of crusher, hoist, vibrating feeder, mill main machine, powder collector, bag filter and other parts. When the mill is working, large materials are entered by the crusher. Go to the mill to achieve the appropriate particle size, and then enter the silo through the bucket elevator. The vibrating feeder at the bottom of the silo evenly sends the material to the mill main machine for grinding. After the material is ground, it meets the particle size requirements. The fine powder enters the dust collector with the analyzer, and is discharged through the discharge valve at the lower part of the dust collector. The coarse powder that does not meet the particle size requirement is returned to the grinding chamber for re-grinding.
    limestone grinding mill production line 

    Limestone is used in construction projects. In the construction mortar, it is used for cement mortar or mixed mortar. In the process, the cement mortar is mixed with a certain amount of gypsum or lime powder, which can improve the workability and make it easier. Due to the unstable operation of the lime powder, the strength of the mortar will be reduced and the viscosity will be poor, which will affect the quality of the masonry. Due to the large dust during the mixing of the lime powder, the working conditions on the construction site are poor and the environmental pollution is serious. It is not conducive to normal construction. Therefore, improving the quality of construction mortar and improving construction operation conditions are practical problems that need to be solved in construction.
    The limestone mill can effectively improve the quality of the lime powder, thus completely solving the quality problem of the building mortar. The limestone mill is concentrated in fine crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. It is equipped with a lubrication station to ensure the bearing. Under the condition of low temperature and pure oil quality, it can work smoothly, prolong the service life of the equipment, and the automatic control device can realize remote control. The operation is simple and convenient, which can prevent the stick sleeve and the disc liner from directly contacting, avoiding the metal. Friction and collision between them increases safety. HOTLINE: 008618001642498 (whatsapp and wechat available)

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Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Capacity:0.4-30 T/H
Feeding size:≤20mm
Output Size:150-3000mesh
Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill is the equipment specializing in producing fine and superfine calcium carbonate powder

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