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Dry mills and wet mills, which one is more suitable for desulfurization limestone grinding?

Posted: 2019-10-21

  • The desulfurization mill mainly uses a mill to process the desulfurizer, that is, limestone. The fineness of the limestone fine powder generally used in desulfurization of power plants and steel plants is 300 mesh. Of course, many enterprises are enterprises that produce high-quality desulfurizers. Generally, the fineness of the limestone fine powder is as high as 600 mesh, and even the amount of the desulfurizing agent required to be produced by some enterprises reaches 800 mesh. In industrial applications, the application range of 300 mesh limestone desulfurizer micropowder is relatively wide and the dosage is relatively large. Therefore, in actual production, the application rate of Raymond mill is relatively high, but from the structure of Raymond mill, processing The limestone desulfurizer that comes out can only reach 300-400 mesh, and the pass rate is not high. Let us look at the differences and main applications of wet mills and dry mills in the processing of limestone desulfurizers.
    dry Raymond mill for desulfurization limestone

    Wet mill

    Wet mill refers to the equipment that is slowly processed under the action of water flow. The fineness of the ore powder processed by the wet mill is up to tens of thousands of mesh. The main principle is to use water flow. The fine powder is derived, which is equivalent to the sedimentation process we have said, like the slaked lime used in our construction. The limestone fine powder processed by the wet mill must be dried in the dryer before it can be used in industrial production. Therefore, there are actually more equipments to be invested, and the process flow is more complicated. It is applied in actual limestone desulfurization. Sex is not very big.

    Dry mill

    The dry mill is mainly based on the principle of mechanical grinding. The limestone is directly placed in the mill for grinding to obtain limestone fine powder. The fineness of limestone fine powder processed by the industrial dry mill is used. It can be up to 3000 mesh. Although it can't compare with the fineness of the wet mill, it is more than enough for the production of desulfurized lime. The fineness can be adjusted from 300-3000 mesh, which is enough to meet the needs of most enterprises. The biggest advantage of the dry mill is that it can be directly applied to the production of desulfurized stone powder, and the finished product can also be directly used in the desulfurizer of the steel plant power plant, which greatly simplifies the operation process and saves the cost of equipment investment.
    300-3000 mesh dry mill for limestone powder
    From the role of wet mills and dry mills in the production of limestone desulfurizers, it can be seen that the use of dry mills in the production of desulfurizers is much better than wet mills.

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