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How does the energy-saving calcium carbonate ball mill work?

Posted: 2019-04-11

  • The energy-saving calcium carbonate ball mill developed by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd has a wide range of applications, and can polish more than 100 kinds of ore such as limestone, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, barite, talc, gypsum, quartz stone and bentonite. It can process various materials such as calcium carbonate pulverization processing, gypsum powder processing, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic mineral powder production and coal powder preparation. Successful cases include southern non-metallic ore processing and limestone desulfurization of Shijiazhuang Thermal Power Plant.
    The following is a brief introduction to the working principle of our company's energy-saving calcium carbonate ball mill:
    According to the particle size of the grinding material, the material is loaded into the cylinder by the hollow shaft of the ball mill feeding end. When the ball mill cylinder rotates, the grinding body acts on the cylinder liner due to the action of inertia and centrifugal force and friction. It is carried away by the cylinder. When it is brought to a certain height, it is thrown off due to its own gravity. The falling abrasive body crushes the material in the cylinder like a projectile.
    The material is uniformly fed into the mill bin by the feeding device through the hollow shaft of the feeding material. The bin has a step liner or a corrugated liner, and various steel balls are loaded therein. The cylinder rotates to generate centrifugal force to bring the steel ball to a certain height. Drops, causing heavy impact and grinding on the material. After the material reaches the coarse grinding, the material enters the second chamber through the single-layer compartment board. The warehouse is provided with a flat lining plate with steel balls inside to further grind the material. The powder is discharged through the discharge raft to complete the grinding operation.
    During the process of turning the cylinder, the grinding body also has a sliding phenomenon. In the process of sliding, the material is grounded. In order to effectively use the grinding effect, when the general grain size of the material is large, the grinding body is used. Separated into two sections by the compartment board, which becomes a double warehouse. When the material enters the warehouse, it is crushed by the steel ball. When the material enters the second warehouse, the steel section grinds the material, and the finely-qualified material is discharged from the hollow shaft of the discharge end. When grinding small materials with small particles, such as sand No. 2 slag, coarse fly ash, the mill barrel can be without a partition, which becomes a single-cylinder barrel mill, and the grinding body can also use steel sections.
    The raw material is ground into a hollow cylinder through a hollow journal, and the cylinder is filled with grinding media of various diameters (steel balls, steel bars or gravels, etc.). When the cylinder rotates around the horizontal axis at a certain rotation speed, the medium and the raw materials contained in the cylinder are separated from the cylinder by the centrifugal force and the friction force, and when the gravity reaches the certain height, the gravity is greater than the centrifugal force. The body wall is thrown down or rolled down, crushing the ore due to impact. At the same time, during the rotation of the mill, the sliding movement of the grinding media to each other also produces a grinding effect on the raw materials. The ground material is discharged through a hollow journal.
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