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Why is the modified calcium carbonate powder better sold?

Posted: 2019-03-30

  • Calcium carbonate has a high degree of hydrophobicity after modification and activation treatment. The structure of the molecule changes and the particle size distribution is more uniform. It has the characteristics of high whiteness, excellent fluidity, good luminosity, uniform distribution and large filling amount, and has good lubricity, dispersibility and organicity. It has strong intermolecular affinity with plastics and rubber, and the filling amount is 3-6 times that of ordinary calcium carbonate, and the production cost is significantly reduced.


    Calcium carbonate is a white powder, tasteless and odorless compound. It has many common names, such as limestone, limestone, marble and so on. Calcium carbonate is insoluble in water, but it is soluble in an acid such as hydrochloric acid, and a large amount of gas is released by dissolving in the acid. Calcium carbonate is common on earth, not only in the bones or shells of animals, but also in rocks such as calcite and marble. Calcium carbonate has both amorphous and crystalline forms. Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound and a powder product. Calcium carbonate is widely used as filler carbon in the production of rubber and plastics due to its low price, non-toxicity, tastelessness, high whiteness and good hardness. According to statistics, most of the inorganic fillers in the manufacture of plastic products are calcium carbonate, accounting for about 70% of the filler. Calcium carbonate is classified into heavy calcium carbonate (GCC) pulverized from natural ore and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) produced by chemical processes. Because PCC's production process is complex and expensive, and it will bring environmental pollution, the future development trend is to use GCC instead of PCC.

    There are many types of surface modification equipment for calcium carbonate powder, such as high-speed mixers, internal mixers, open mills, single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders, etc., but most of these equipments are borrowed from chemical machinery. There are many serious problems, and many improvements and progress have been made in recent years. Due to the different types and properties of the mixture, the quality indicators required for mixing, dispersion and surface modification are also different, and thus various modification equipments of different properties are present. Powder surface modification machine is an inevitable product of modern high-tech and new material development. It is widely used in non-metallic mineral fillers or pigments such as plastics, rubber, adhesives and other modern polymer materials, polymer-based composite materials. In the industries of functional materials and coatings, the mineral powders can not only greatly improve the compatibility of inorganic mineral fillers with organic high molecular polymers, improve the interface bonding force, and enhance the mechanical strength and comprehensive properties of materials. It can also greatly increase the filling amount of the powder filler, reduce the production cost, and at the same time impart some special physical and chemical properties of the product.

    Clirik calcium carbonate powder modification machine

    Performance characteristics of powder surface modification machine

      1. The unit can run continuously and has a large processing capacity, which is suitable for industrial production of various scales.

      2. The use rate of the modified agent is high, the dosage is small, the powder coating rate and the activation index are high, and the energy consumption is low.

      3. The equipment has both modification and dispersing functions. It is suitable for materials with various fineness. It has unique modification and activation effect on materials with small pseudo-specific gravity and large volume-to-weight ratio such as white carbon black, mica powder and talcum powder.

      4. The high-speed gas-solid phase vortex mixing operation of powder and medicament has high modification efficiency and basically does not destroy the original grain shape of the powder.

      5, material negative pressure operation, good sealing, dust does not leak, basically no pollution, good operating environment, low labor intensity.

      6. The hot-cooling machine is completed without the need of a separate heating and cooling system to simplify the operation.

      7. Independent fluid and non-fluid dosing system, continuous and stable.

    Structural composition of powder surface modification machine

    1. Hopper: The material directly enters the hopper from the silo, and the moisture content of the material should be less than 0.5%.

    2. Feeding device: It adopts twin-screw feeding and adjustable speed to ensure the stability of material flow.

    3, temperature control dosing system: temperature control, can be arbitrarily set the melting temperature of the agent, suitable for a variety of solid liquid forms of modified agents.

    4. Modified main machine: The modified main machine is composed of three-shaped modified cylinders with compact structure, high modification efficiency and stable and reliable operation.


    Matters needing attention in the work of the modification machine

    1. The influence of impurities, non-metallic powder impurities are mainly the original impurities of the raw materials and the impurities generated during the processing. In the control of the impurity components of the raw materials, the pollution problems of the processing equipment and the problem of removing impurities should also be considered.

    2. The choice of modifier surface modifier, in the surface modification of non-metal powder, the choice of surface modifier is very important.


    How the modification machine works

    The powder raw material is sent to the atomization chamber above the main machine through the feeding conveying system, and the powder is heated and dried by the special heating device of the feeding conveyor during the conveying process, while the solid modifier is used exclusively The heating vessel is also heated and melted to a liquid state and then sent to the atomization chamber through the conveying pipe.

    There are two sets of nozzles in the atomization chamber, and one of the four nozzles is distributed on the inner wall of the atomization chamber according to different positions, and the function is to blow the powder material sent by the conveying system into a mist. At this time, the raw material and the reformer form a mist. Due to the action of the two sets of nozzles ejecting air from different directions, they are fully mixed, that is, enter the host.

    The main machine is composed of a high-speed rotating spindle, a stirring rod, an impact hammer, etc., and the atomized material entering the main machine is subjected to impact, friction, shearing, etc. under the high-speed stirring of the stirring rod, so that the powder particles and the modifier are obtained. Fully contact and mix, at this time the powder material is fully coated and modified.


    Technical Parameters

    main motor power
    Powder machine power
    Spindle speed


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